RVBusiness & Wells Fargo Again Take the RV Industry’s Pulse Through a Relatively Quick 10-Question Annual Survey
RVBusiness and Wells Fargo CDF are again taking the pulse of the North American RV industry by circulating the “2019 RVB/Wells Fargo RV Industry Survey.” Toward that end, we’re asking recipients of Thursday’s (Feb. 21) RVBUSINESS.com news feed and Friday’s online e-blast to respond to a series of relevant survey questions by the end of business on Monday (Feb. 25). The results will be outlined in the March/April issue of RVBusiness magazine. So, please take a look at this quick 10-question survey, the first part of which is repeated annually so that we can benchmark year-to-year industry sentiment.
1) Looking back at 2018, how did your company/division fare?

2) In your outlook for 2019, the industry will be:

3) So, how best would you describe the general state of the market, based on what you’ve observed recently?

4) While we hear reports – most of them positive – about early shows, what’s your sense of current RV retail activity?

5) That said, how long in your view will it take for the industry to resolve high RV field inventories in the U.S. and Canada?

6) Which of the following factors will most impact the North American RV arena, for better or for worse, during 2019?

7) Your thoughts on RVIA’s planned RV Technical Institute, which is due for a nationwide rollout during 2019?

8) Globalization is becoming more of a buzz word in the RV arena lately. How big of a factor do you see it becoming?

9) Looking at product trends, some OEM’s speak of a perceptible shift toward smaller, less costly RV’s. Is this for real?

10) U.S. car buyers, the media tell us, are ready to embrace electric (EV) power in a huge way. Will RV buyers ever do the same?

11) RVBusiness and Wells-Fargo CDF welcome your comments regarding any of the aforementioned survey questions. Please enter those remarks here, realizing that some of these anecdotal comments will be published in the March/April issue of RVB.

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