"Dam" Survey
Friends of DCL wants your input on the Brookfield water appropriations permit application currently under review. Please take a couple minutes to complete this brief survey so we can best represent your perspectives in the review process.
required 1) Where do you live on the lake?

required 2) In a "normal year", when do you begin to lose recreational use of the lake due to lowering of water levels?

required 3) Brookfield is requesting an increase in water withdrawals, during wet seasons. Folks downstream state they do not need additional water releases. Property owners and users in southern coves benefit substantially from high waters in the rainy years. Should Friends of DCL support Brookfield request to increase withdrawals?

required 4) In 2011, MDE amended the water appropriations permit to keep lake water levels high during the month of July, the height of the boating season. In some areas, the high waters has contributed to shoreline erosion and muddy waters along the near shore, especially during week-ends.

required 5) Should the new Water Appropriations Permit include provision to retain water levels high in July?

required 6) If the water levels are kept high, should Friends of DCL urge MDE to undertake a study to assess impacts on shoreline and water quality?

required 7) Brookfield does not pay for use of lake water it uses for power generation. Do you believe it should contribute financially to lake management?

required 8) There are tensions of the allocation of scare resource-- DCL waters --between Brookfield and downstream users and businesses and lake owners and recreational users. There is a simple solution. This is the dredging and remediation of the sediment impaired coves in the southern section of the lake. With removal of built up silt, there would result in substantial increase in water depth, allowing for full recreational enjoyment through the season. To you support dredging of the sediment impaired coves?

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