Business Climate Survey
Please take our business survey and help us tailor our programs and services to the needs of Virginia businesses.
required 1) How would you describe your company's financial performance in 2011?

2) In 2012, do you think your company's sales will...

3) Where will the increase in your sales likely come from?

required 4) In 2012, will you hire more...

required 5) In 2012, do you plan to make any capital investments (purchases of equipment, real estate, etc.)?

required 6) What is your biggest operating challenge in 2012?

required 7) What would make your business more competitive long-term?

required 8) What is the biggest impediment to economic growth in Virginia?

required 9) Which service, of those listed below, would most help your company prosper in 2012? (Please choose only one.)

required 10) Is there a particular state law or regulation that is hindering your business? If Yes, please describe.

required 11) How large is your business?

required 12) How much in annual sales did your business have next year?

required 13) How old is your business?

required 14) Where is your primary business office/location? (If home-based, please choose the region where your home is located.) Please choose a region from the choices below.

required 15) Is your business SWaM (Small, Woman-Owned and/or Minority-Owned) certified with the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise?

required 16) What types of services would be most helpful to you and your business?

required 17) If free seminars in your area on business-related topics would benefit your business, what types of topics would you like to see covered?

18) Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

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