Pacific N.W. Youth Ministry Leaders Survey
This survey is designed to help assess and assist in fostering healthy youth workers and ministries here in the Pacific NW. 50 plus randomly selected respondents will be drawn for various youth ministry related resources and awards with monetary value as a thank you for helping with this survey. We will post a generic summary and notify you of that posting via e-mail as results are tabulated or in our next Network News and Notes mailing in January. Much Thanks for helping to invest in N.W.Youth Ministry.
required 1) In what capacity do you serve your local youth ministry.

required 2) What type of organization are you with? and which USA state/s i.e. AK,WA,OR,ID,MT,WY, etc is the home base for your ministry focus.

3) Is this your first youth ministry position? If No please comment on prior positions as well as how long you have served in your current position.

required 4) What currently is or has been your training for this position? If formally trained what is your certificate, level of schooling or degree received? In the comment box note with a # 0 to 10 on how highly involved your top ministry leader (i.e. Sr. Pastor) is involved with you and your ministry area. Then + or - as to being a good deal.

required 5) What age group/s are included in your Youth or Student Ministries focus? (Please describe either by grade level or age of students.)

6) Using the number of students who are part of your youth ministry on a monthly basis…What is your approximate Adult Leader/Student ratio?

7) What is the average size of your Youth Ministry?

8) What day & times during the week does your Youth Ministry formally gather?

9) What is the annual budget allocation for your Youth Ministry? (Not including any paid salary position and If over 10K please approximate amount in comment section.

10) How many individuals and staff hours are paid youth related positions with your church or organization. (Example: 3 positions total of 60 hours. Or 2 full time and 1 half time positions.

11) What type of training is regularly provided as part of your ministry? (If you attend opportunities outside of your own ministry, please note what this is in the comment box.)

12) What type of training (format or content) would be a "We just have to attend" this conference or seminar?

13) What criteria is important in determining the training you attend individually or as a ministry team.

14) What type of local training would you like to see come to your area for yourself and/or your Ministry Team? Or What issues do you see needing to be addressed with those working with youth in your area?

15) Which of these resources would you find of value on a website?(check all appropriate and comment on anything missing from the list such as job postings, etc.)

16) What types of Community based ministries are you involved with?

17) Share briefly about any of your history in Youth Ministry that has not already been mentioned in this questionnaire. How long overall in Youth Ministry, # Different Locations, Current position title & other job titles, etc.

18) If you have served in other paid Youth Ministry positions what was the reason you left prior positions.

19) Briefly share why you work with youth? How long you plan to do so. And if you weren't doing that what else might you be doing with your time?

20) If you would please provide in the comment section your Name and contact info. This would allow follow up on any responses or comment clarifications, etc.

required Please provide your email