Stakeholder Workshop - Survey Questions
The ISOBIO project offers a radical approach to natural construction materials at scale – delivering significant social, environmental and financial benefits.

ISOBIO will develop novel bio-based insulation materials for use in new and retrofit construction, which have added functionality allowing them to be readily adopted at industrial scale.
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A key component in the success of the ISOBIO project is successful engagement with stakeholders at all levels. This will be achieved through a survey of needs and interests and a series of stakeholder workshops scheduled to align with the developments and progression of the ISOBIO project aims.

We therefore would like to kindly ask you to take part in this survey. Your responses are key to the successful engagement of stakeholders within the ISOBIO project, and in setting the agenda for the workshops. To complete the survey, please click on the “survey” button below.


We hope you will be able to attend the ISOBIO ‘Environmental and LCA considerations in the production of bio-based insulation’ stakeholder workshop, aimed at Industry professionals, on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at the University of Bath. The outline of the agenda is as follows:
• Introduction to ISOBIO Project
• Aims of project
• LCA - Preliminary results
• Future directions

Please supply your details at the end of the survey in order to register your interest in attending the workshop.

The remaining three stakeholder workshops will cover the themes of skills and standards (aimed at the supply chain), solutions and markets (aimed at industry and end users) and policy and lessons learnt (aimed at EU actors, policy makers and European associations).

If you require any further information please contact Nadia Sid (
1) Please select one of the following categories for your main activities (Construction related)

2) Please specify your current area of interest

3) Please indicate if you are involved in a publically funded research programme scheme

4) Please supply details of your current research programme - name (if applicable)

5) Please supply details of your current research programme – web address (if applicable)

6) Please indicate your existing level of knowledge of the application and benefits of bio-based insulation materials

7) Please indicate your existing level of knowledge of the type of materials being developed within ISOBIO

8) What is your level of interest in the materials being developed within ISOBIO?

9) Are you aware of any grants and incentives that support the usage of bio-based materials for construction in your country?

10) Please give details of grants and incentives that support the usage of bio-based materials for construction in your country (if applicable)

11) In your opinion, which of the following properties of bio-based insulation materials require further research?

12) Which features do you think are the most important to be developed in order for bio-based technology to be adopted by the construction industry?

13) Are you currently undertaking, or have you ever undertaken, training into bio-based materials or the manufacturing of bio=based materials?

14) What Bio-Based materials do you have experience in? (if applicable)

15) As a part of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) are you aware of the natural material supply chain and their environmental credentials and standards? (If applicable)

16) What bio-based industrial techniques are you currently using? (if applicable)

17) In your opinion is the ISOBIO research approach of adding additional functionality to bio-based construction materials valid?

18) Please comment on any limitations of bio-based materials and suggest improvements

19) In your opinion, which of the following are barriers to the adoption of bio-based products by the construction industry?

20) Please list any other barriers to current research into bio-based products (which have not been included in the list above)

21) In your opinion, what future direction should be pursued in the development of bio-based construction materials (in order to increase adoption)?

22) The second ISOBIO ''Environment and LCA considerations in the production of bio-based insulation'' workshop will focus on Environmental and LCA issues in the production of bio-based insulation. The project partners will share their experiences, present the project's approach and the first 18 month's results, as well as discuss and gather feedback on the innovative products under development. Are there other areas which you think the workshop should cover?

23) Would you be interested in alternative forms of engagement with the workshop (as per question above)?

24) Do you plan to attend the second ISOBIO workshop on 14/09/2016 in University of Bath, Bath,UK

25) If you would like to receive further information regarding the ISOBIO project and the Workshop in Bath on the 14th of September 2016 please supply your name

26) Please supply your organisation

27) Please supply your location

28) Please supply your email address

29) Please supply your gender (for the purposes of equality monitoring)

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