Green Project Survey
Thank you for your time and participation.
required 1) What are your firms primary fields of practice or discipline? (Check all that apply.)

required 2) What is your firms gross annual revenue?

required 3) What percentage of your gross annual revenue will come from projects with "green objectives" for the current year?

required 4) Estimate the number of projects your firm will be providing services for in the current year with "green objectives" ?

required 5) What project types does your firm support with "green objectives" ? (Check all that apply)

required 6) Do you anticipate an increase or decrease in green project opportunities next year?

required 7) What percentage of increase or decrease would you estimate for next year?

required 8) What would you say is the biggest driver of green projects?

required 9) How would you rate your firm's experience on "green projects"?

required 10) What would you identify as the top 3 biggest risk and challenges for a successful "green project"?

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