Vino 301 Future Services Survey
Please take our quick, easy survey on what future services you would like Vino 301 to offer. Complete the survey and take 20% off your next Regional wine tour. Use code SURVEY17. Thank you so much for your feedback and participation.
1) Vino 301 wine tours include transportation, tasting fees, giving-a-ways, vineyard tour, and snacks. If you could add additional services to the wine tour, what would you add?

2) Would you be interested in taking a weekend wine tour in Maryland?

3) What activities would you expect in a weekend getaway wine tour?

4) In addition to the wine tour, would you expect to be included in a weekend wine tour price?

5) How much would you be willing to pay for a weekend wine tour?

6) Vino 301 publishes a weekly blog. What topics would you like to read about?

7) Are you interested in other tours?

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