Red Dog News Reboot
Hello, everyone! Yep! You guessed it. I'm back! The Red Dog News hiatus didn't last very long, mostly because (as with Shadow & Light Magazine) I couldn't not publish it.

This survey will help me tailor Red Dog News for you. I will use it as an effective guide to steer it in directions that aid you in your day-to-day or long term marketing challenges. If I can't answer your questions/needs, I will find someone who can.

While the main focus will be on photography-related matters, marketing of any kind has a very long tail. As such, I will feature articles and commentary that relate to the arts: photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc. If you are working in any creative discipline, we can solve problems and challenges together.

I urge you to submit questions for publication in Red Dog News. Let's keep it lively and helpful for both you and I.

Thank you!
required 1) What are the biggest challenges in your pursuit of photography?

required 2) What is your greatest interest in photography?

required 3) What is your greatest inspiration in photography?

required 4) Who are the photographers/artists who inspire you most?

required 5) If you have web presence, which platform do you use?

required 6) How frequently would you like to receive notices from Red Dog News?

required 7) Please click on the button below to indicate your level of photographic experience.

required 8) Do you digitally print your own work?

required 9) Please click on the selection below that indicates the level of your photo-marketing experience.

required 10) Where would you like you and your photography to be in five years?

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