Summer 2017 Survey
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required 1) What week did you attend camp?

2) What cabin did you stay in while at camp?

3) What is your favorite memory of camp?

4) How did the camp staff treat you?

5) Did you feel safe at camp?

6) What did you learn from the chapel times?

7) How did your relationship with God change while at camp?

8) How did you like the food at camp?

9) What was your favorite activity at camp.

10) What new activities would you like to see at camp.

11) What suggestions do you have to make camp better?

12) Parent, what did you appreciate about your camper's experience?

13) Parent, what suggestion do you have on improving you and your campers experience?

14) Any Additional Comments?

15) Camper's Name (required if you want to be put in the drawing for a camp sweatshirt).

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