Economy and Impact on A/E Update
Thank you for your time and participation in this quick, 10 question, checklist and radio button survey.

Survey results will be identified in an upcoming "SmartRisk Report" Newsletter along with making data available for industry publications and delivered in A/E training sessions.

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required 1) What are your firms primary fields of practice or discipline? (Check all that apply.)

required 2) What project types does your firm provide services for? (Check all that apply)

required 3) What is your firms current gross annual revenue?

4) How has economic conditions impacted your firm?

required 5) How has economic conditions affected your gross annual revenue in the past two years?

required 6) How has economic conditions affected your staffing level?

required 7) At what level have staffing changes occurred within your firm? (Check all that apply)

required 8) Identify the top changes you have, or plan on making for your firm. (Check all that apply)

required 9) What changes have you made to salaries and benefits driven by economic conditions? (Check all that apply)

required 10) What would you identify as the challenges and risks for your firm driven by economic conditions. (Check all that apply)

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