Who rides for transportation?
Thanks in advance for taking this short survey. The goal is to introduce local retailers to everyday consumers who also like to move around town by bike. This data will allow Pedal Perks to determine the best products and services to offer the cycling community from local businesses. We are looking forward to delivering Pedal Perks in a neighborhood near you!
required 1) What is your age range?

required 2) Gender

required 3) Marital Status

required 4) What is the highest level of education you have completed?

required 5) How many children do you have?

required 6) Annual household income?

required 7) What is the age range of you children?

required 8) What are your typical types of cycling?

required 9) What is your typical max distance you cycle from home for work, school, errands, etc.?

required 10) Your U.S. Zip code This will help determine which neighborhoods to offer Pedal Perks based on geographic demand.

required 11) Respond to the following statement: I plan my city trips around available cycling infrastructure. (bike lanes, bike racks / lockers, office showers, space for bikes on buses & trains)

required 12) If it was within your normal riding distance would a business actively supporting cycling influence your shopping decision?

required 13) What would you view as positive support for cycling by local businesses?

14) Enter your email and you will receive the greater of $10.00 or 20% off the price of the 1st edition of Pedal Perks in your town as a thank you for participating!