2017 ISFA Annual Awards Nominations
Dear ISFA Member,

It's time to nominate your choices for the prestigious ISFA Awards. Please take a few moments to consider those individuals you feel have best demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the decorative surfacing industry and ISFA.

All entries must include a reason why the person or business is being nominated and must be received at the ISFA office no later than Monday September 11, after which a final ballot will be sent to all ISFA members in good standing.

Please keep in mind current ISFA Board Members are not eligible to receive awards. Nominees must be active ISFA members, except in the case of the ISFA Hall of Fame Award
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4) The Hall of Fame Award is given to the individual who has, in the course of his/her career, made significant contributions to the decorative surfacing industry, and has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the ideals of ISFA. Enter your nomination here:

5) What is the reason for this nomination?

6) The Associate of the Year Award is given to an associate member company that in the past year has best exemplified the role of servicing the needs of fabricator member companies, and who has best supported ISFA in all activities. Enter your nomination here:

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8) The Innovator Award is for the fabricator member firm or individual who goes outside the box and creates a product or system that enhances the life of the solid surface fabricator. Enter your nomination here:

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10) The Envision Award is given to the manufacturer member that excels in creating something imaginative and special for the surfacing industry. Enter your nomination here:

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12) The Fabricator of the Year is awarded to an individual of a fabricator member company that in the past year has best exemplified the ISFA ideals of quality, innovation, character and exemplary service to ISFA and/or the decorative surfacing industry, with overall excellence. Enter your nomination here:

13) What is the reason for your nomination?

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