Quick Test! Are your Chakras balanced?
Please take this quick survey to see if your Chakras are balanced and whole. Once I review your survey, I'll send the results, along with some tips & tricks in helping to balance each of your Chakras.
required 1) Do you have a powerful will to live in physical reality, that energizes you and those around you?

required 2) Do you have a deep love for keeping yourself physically healthy?

required 3) Do you have a sense of being grounded physically to the earth?

required 4) Are you generally in a good mood and don't need convincing?

required 5) Do you have a positive attitude about accomplishing things in life and feel other people are able to support you in those accomplishments?

required 6) Do you usually feel like you have enough and are not lacking?

required 7) Do you feel powerful with a strong sex drive?

required 8) Do you feel a strong sense of belonging in the universe?

required 9) Do your creative juices flow through you fluently?

required 10) Do you enjoy both giving and receiving pleasure?

required 11) Do you usually tackle problems head on with confidence, and not question yourself?

required 12) Are you often ruled by logic, and not emotions?

required 13) Do you love yourself and those around you, including your friends, family, neighbors, pets and other creatures on this planet?

required 14) Are you usually proud of your accomplishments because they are a big deal to you?

required 15) Do you often know things that you don't remember being taught?

required 16) Do you take daily "well deserved" time for yourself?

required 17) Ar you usually an understanding person, enough to forgive and not hold grudges?

required 18) Are you easily able to express yourself and get your point across to people?

required 19) Do you usually attain the goals you set forth?

required 20) Do you find it easy to empathize with another person's situation?

required 21) Do you feel successful and satisfied in your work, knowing it is bringing you closer to achieving your life-task?

required 22) Do you often see a situation arising before it even happens?

required 23) Are you able to usually see the greater picture in situations?

required 24) Do you go out and create what you desire, rather than blaming others for the things you lack in life?

required 25) Are you able to easily understand mental concepts and come up with creative ideas?

required 26) Do you feel like we are all connected in this world and not alone?

required 27) Are you able to manifest your creative ideas into the physical world?

required 28) Do you often have spiritual experiences that give you a sense of wholeness, peace and purpose?

required 29) Do you have an overall sense of health and well-being?

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