Momentum 2018 Conference Survey
What a momentous day yesterday! Thank you for taking part in Momentum's 2018 conference. While the event is fresh on your mind, please provide us your feedback.
1) How did you learn about the Momentum Conference?

2) How well did the conference live up to your expectations?

3) Have you attended a previous Momentum Conference?

4) What did you enjoy the most about the Conference?

5) Do you have any suggestions for future conference topics, activities or speakers?

required 6) How likely are you to recommend this conference to your friends and colleagues?

required 7) Compared to other conferences of this type, the Momentum Conference is:

8) Please Rate the Following aspects of the Conference: Publicity

9) Registration

10) BJCC Venue

11) Food/Snacks/Drinks

12) Materials Provided

13) Personal Branding

14) Bookstore

15) CEUs

16) Closing Reception

17) How would you rate the keynote session with Bonnie St. John?

18) How would you rate the keynote session with Carey Lohrenz?

19) Morning Session 1 (if applicable): What's Holding you Back? Breaking Down Invisible Barriers to Career Progression.

20) Morning Session 2 (if applicable): Building Meaningful Relationships through Effective Networking

21) Morning Session 3 (if applicable): Preserving the Public Trust: Ethical Employees and Corporation

22) Morning Session 4 (if applicable): Better Together - Creating a Culture of Respect in the Workplace

23) Afternoon Session 1 (if applicable): Your Career: Next Level Leadership

24) Afternoon Session 2 (if applicable): Health and Wellness

25) Afternoon Session 3 (if applicable): Women in STEM Roles

26) Afternoon Session 4 (if applicable): Women on Corporate Boards

27) 2nd Afternoon Session 1 (if applicable): What Is Your Story?

28) 2nd Afternoon Session 2 (if applicable): Venture Capitalism as a Vehicle for Successful Women Entrepreneurs

29) 2nd Afternoon Session 3 (if applicable): Leadership Lessons From Momentum C-Suite Leaders

30) 2nd Afternoon Session 4 (if applicable): Momentum Round Tables

31) What is your age?

32) What is your gender?

33) How would you describe your employment industry?

34) I felt the conference provided me with: (Check All that Apply)

35) Are you a Momentum Leadership Program alumna?

36) Would you be interested in learning more about any of the following Momentum programs?

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