HBNC Consumer Survey 2018
Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is very important to us. This survey is for any person who has accessed any of our programs or services in the last 12 months but we specifically encourage all members to complete this survey. Please note that we welcome feedback at any time. Our Feedback Form is available on our website or via the centre. Thank you.
required 1) Are you a member of the Harrow Bush Nursing Centre

required 2) Are you or any of your family members from:

required 3) How do you access information about the services and activities held at the Centre?

required 4) Please indicate the services you have accessed in the last 12 months at the centre. Please use the comments section to indicate clearly if the standard was NOT what you expected, you could NOT access the service when needed and/or if changes are needed for any service - indicate which service please. Thank you.

required 5) Please check which visiting services you have accessed over the last 12 months. Using the comments section, please indicate clearly, indicating the specific service, if the standard was NOT what you expected, if you were UNABLE to access the service when needed and if changes are needed.

required 6) Do you feel the centre provides safe and quality care in all the services provided? If your answer is NO, please clarify in the comments section.

required 7) Do you have any comments or feedback for future programs or services you feel are needed or wanted at the centre - if so please indicate below:

required Please provide your email