EMS Public Record Exemptions
Recently, Ohio lawmakers created new exemptions from the definition of a public record that relates to our licensees. Information about the exemptions can be found at http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/149.43. Although eLicense captures most of this information, it does not provide an opportunity for certain license holders to indicate if they are a type of exempt health care provider. Please complete this short survey so that the State Medical Board of Ohio can update its contact information in accordance with the law. You will need to enter your full license number in the format 35.XXXXXX or 34.XXXXXX. *Note: If you have already submitted the survey, you do not need to complete it again.*
required 1) Name:

required 2) Full Medical Board license number (e.g. 35.XXXXXX or 34.XXXXXX):

required 3) I am:

4) If you did not select "None of the above" in question 3, enter your residential address that should NOT be provided in public records requests: