Future Proofing Playbook Survey
As a special valued added bonus to being a part of the MindShare Learning community we would like your contribution to The State of EdTech in Canada: ‘Driving Innovation Through Evidence-Based Research’ Future-Proofing Playbook we are creating for all EdTech education/industry stakeholders, etc. Please provide feedback by answering this short survey, by doing so you will be recognized as a contributor to the Future Proofing Playbook. This playbook will serve as a guide for EdTech education/industry stakeholders to prepare them for the next crisis.
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4) What innovative practices are you doing to ensure that you and your learning community are optimally prepared for the next pandemic? How comfortable or prepared do you feel for the next pandemic?

5) Post-pandemic, do you have any research or case studies that support a positive impact on learning?

6) What learning frameworks and tools will you be adopting and continue to use in order to be better prepared for the next crisis?

7) In deploying technologies, what were the biggest failures? And what were the greatest successes during crisis learning?

8) Please share any additional advice you may offer to help sustain learning in a crisis.

9) Final Thoughts.

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