Volunteer Application 2020
required 1) First and Last Name

required 2) Gender

required 3) Birthday (Month/Day/Year)

required 4) Address (street #, street name, city, state, zip code)

required 5) Phone number

required 6) Ethnicity/Language

7) Email

required 8) Emergency contact (Name, relationship, and phone number)

9) List work-related skills, training, and interests

10) List any special needs/restrictions on volunteer/intern activities

11) Are you completing hours for a specific requirement? If yes, please state the number of hours, purpose of the requirement, and the time frame you have to finish your hours by.

12) Who may we contact regarding your service requirement? (Name and phone # or email)

required 13) What would you like to do as a volunteer?

required 14) Indicate when you would like to volunteer (day and time)

required 15) What do you hope to learn, experience, and or achieve while and after volunteering? Please be very specific to help us prepare volunteering opportunity that best fits your needs.

required 16) How did you hear about us?

required 17) I do hereby declare that all information given and statements made herein and in conjunction with this application is true; and if accepted, any information discovered to be false is grounds for termination. I also consent to have all information checked and give my permission to any and all persons contacted to release any related information requested in connection with this volunteer application, and I agree not to hold any such person or company liable for the information that they give out.

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